Waste Free Christmas Crackers / Set 8 / Nutcracker


Waste Free Nutcracker Christmas Re-Crackers

This fabric features a large image of a gorgeous vintage nutcracker figure on a white background, finished off with forrest green satin ribbon. Designed here in NZ, exclusively for Waste Free Celebrations.

How it Works:
The Re-Crackers come as empty tubes, in a beautiful keepsake storage box.
Separately purchase filler packs of - 12inch snaps, jokes, and waste-free gifts or alternatively fill them with your own treats.
Fill your Re-Crackers before Christmas dinner and enjoy!
Wash the cotton 'Re-Cracker' sleeves after use, then dry thoroughly before packing away to use next year.

About Christmas Re-Crackers
Re-Crackers snap apart just like a regular cracker and give the same experience as traditional Christmas Crackers without the waste

Dimensions: 30cm Long



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