Inject a little magic and glamour to your life. Be it day or night, a carefully chosen piece of jewellery is the all-important punctuation to finish your look.
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Black Agate with Silver Pearl Earring
Black Crystal Bee Earring
Black Pearl Necklace
Black Spinel Drop Earrings
Black Spinel Loop Earrings
Coming Soon
Black Spinel Teardrop Earrings
Blue Topaz Oval Drop Earrings
Crystal Ring / Smoke Oval
Crystal Ring / White Oval
Cultured  Baroque Freshwater Pearl Necklace / White
GAS Bijoux / Calliope Black Crystal Bracelet
GAS Bijoux / Calliope Pearl Hoop Earrings
Coming Soon
GAS Bijoux / Duality Scara Bracelet
Coming Soon
GAS Bijoux / Lex Bracelet
GAS Bijoux / Mistral Ring
GAS Bijoux / Orphee Pearl Bracelet
Coming Soon
GAS Bijoux / Scara Open Bracelet / Gold
GAS Bijoux / Totem Ring
GAS Bijoux / Tresse Hoop Earrings / Gold
Coming Soon
GAS Bijoux / Wave Cuff Bracelet / Gold
Coming Soon
GAS Bijoux / Wave Ring / Gold
Graduated Drop Earring / Black
Large Pearl Hoop Earrings / Yellow Gold
Mother of Pearl Filigree Earrings / White
Coming Soon
Pearl Drop Earring
Simply Italian / White Baroque Pearl Earrings
Tortoise Shell Bangle
Tortoise Shell Cuff
Tortoise Shell Disc Earrings
Tortoise Shell Hoop Earring / Narrow
Coming Soon
Triple Stone Earring / Black
Triple Stone Smoke Earrings
White Pearl Coin Drop Earring
White Pearl Coin Earring / Stud
White Pearl Drop Earring II
Coming Soon
White Pearl Stud Earrings / Large
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