Each luxury Baobab candle is designed and handcrafted in Europe using the finest mineral wax from Germany, hand-blown glass from Poland and heavenly scents created in the French Riviera.


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Baobab / Wick Trimmer
Baobab Candle / All Seasons / Madagascar Vanilla Luster
Baobab Candle / All Seasons / Serengeti Plains Luster
Baobab Candle / All Seasons / White Rhino Luster
Baobab Candle / Black Pearls
Baobab Candle / Les Exclusives / Aurum
Baobab Candle / Les Exclusives / Platinum
Baobab Diffuser / Aurum
Baobab Diffuser / Black Pearls
Baobab Diffuser / Platinum
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