Glerups / Boot / Charcoal / Leather Sole


Born from a one-off handmade pair of felted boots using wool from Gotland sheep in Denmark for family and friends, is now an international name in quality wool and leather soled footwear. Synonomous with exceptional comfort and durability, Glerups shoes, slippers and boots utilise a unique design moulded to the natural shape of the foot.

All styles are unisex and available in sizes 36-46

Glerups / Boot / Charcol / Leather Sole

Felt ankle boot of 100% pure natural wool. The shapes of the boot follows the contours of the foot, with the shaft ending at the ankle bone ensuring the boot stays on. A flexible boot, designed to keep the foot warm and dry due to the characteristics of the wool

  • Natural & sustainable material
  • Warm - naturally absorbs moisture.
  • Comfy & supportive. 
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