Compagnie de Provence / Liquid Soap / Black Tea / 1L Refill


Compagnie de Provence
Made the traditional way in a cauldron using vegetable oils, just as the original solid soap cube from Marseille has been made for centuries, Compagnie de Provence's liquid soaps and hand creams are free of any coloring or artificial additives, with hypoallergenic, antiseptic and antibacterial qualities.

Presented in a lacquered glass pump-bottle with a timeless and contemporary design, these products also make a stylish addition to the bathroom or kitchen.

Liquid Soap / Black Tea / 1L Refill
Enriched with Shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E, this cream takes exceptional care of your hands. Its light and non-greasy texture is quickly absorbed leaving skin soft and gently perfumed.

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