Art Print / Rebekah Codlin / Omari


Limited edition of 50 per size.

Beautiful as a pair with Safiya, purchase together here

Giclee print on Canvas or Paper.

Produced in-house by Rebekah using archival fine art paper and canvas with light resistant pigment inks. Of beautiful museum quality that will last a life time or more.

Hand signed and numbered by Rebekah with Certificate of Authenticity.

All prints are incredibly detailed reproductions almost indistinguishable from the original in colour and clarity. Read full details of the process below.

“Through my Ethiopia series I wanted to portray the raw beauty of people who live a more simple and organic life, my own personal beliefs also have strong roots in Ethiopia and are therefore a peoples whom I share a connection with. There is an essence in their expressions which so clearly represents the recognition of hope and purpose that we all have opportunity to grasp, and this is what I endeavor to portray in my works above all else.” – Rebekah

Dimensions 130X90cm

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