Sthal strive to make their products look and feel handmade. The beautiful glazes are achieved by applying a number of manual processes to create a unique and high quality luxurious finish. Each piece is a unique work of art of a quality that will endure through the generations.
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Sthal / Small Plate / Rectangle  / Fig
Sthal / Small Plate / Rectangle / Seaweed
Sthal / Tray Dish / Fig
Sthal / Round Serving Plate / Fig
Sthal / Round Serving Plate / Seaweed
Sthal / Big Bowl / Seaweed
Sthal / Shallow Bowl / Fig
Sthal / Shallow Bowl / Seaweed
Coming Soon
Sthal / Small Dip Bowl / Fig
Sthal / Small Dip Bowl / Seaweed
Sthal / Deep Bowl / Seaweed
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