Waste Not Want Not / Sarah Burtscher


Waste Not Want Not: How to cook with not-so-fresh food

Waste Not Want Not is a cookbook based on the top 10 foods thrown out in NZ. With 1.7 billion dollars of food wasted every year, this book brings the general household 80 delicious recipes and 40 plus tips and tricks on how to stop wasting food. The book is cleverly broken down into chapters from the Fruit Bowl, Fridge and the Pantry. With incredible photography that will inspire you not to waste foods; no more crusts tossed out! No matter what sort of eater you are, you will find a variety of delicious recipes that are approachable, scrumptious and fun. Save Food - Save Money - Save the Planet

Format: Hardback

Publication Date: 12/04/2021

Publisher: Projects Resources Ltd

Country of Origin: New Zealand

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