The Harley Davidson Book


They are a two-wheeled symbol of freedom: no other motorcycle brand in the world has the nearly mystical reputation of a Harley-Davidson. For more than a hundred years, this American classic from Milwaukee has shaped the motorcycle world. 

This is a book about the power and beauty of the engines and the elegance and strength of these machines from Lake Michigan. It is an homage to the flatheads, knuckleheads, panheads, ironheads, the shovels and Evolutions, and the modern-day fuel injectors.

The Harley Davidson Book is a visual journey through a tradition deeply rooted in the spirit of freedom of the USA and this free-wheeling attitude is conveyed in opulent, photo-rich stories and articles about the unique Harley Davidson lifestyle. It’s a road movie you can experience yourself, vibrating like an old knucklehead in its rigid frame.

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