The After-hours Stylist / Kate Williams & Anna McLeod


The After-hours Stylist / Kate Williams & Anna McLeod

A love of nature and a need to celebrate what each season offers is at the heart of Kate Williams’ talent and passion for creativity and styling, while her popular floral workshops and garden tours at their rural Canterbury property are sell-out events.

In The After-hours Stylist, Kate draws on years of experience to show you how she arranges, creates, paints, cooks and enjoys each season, including Christmas, one of her favourite seasons of all.

Whether hosting a tea party, propagating dahlia seeds in the cooler months, baking hot cross buns or arranging a stunning display of foliage and flowers in an antique vase, Kate shows you how to repurpose, think creatively and cultivate simple elegance, in both your garden and your home.

With hundreds of photographs from interiors and lifestyle photographer Anna McLeod, this is a rich, comprehensive book full of inspiration and ideas for you to try, and a timely reminder to bask in nature’s breathtaking beauty.

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