Seletti / Memorabilia / Robot / White

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Striving for innovation and originality in the creation of its premium design objects and homewares, since 1964 Italian brand Seletti artfully marries art with daily life icons, which are unique, personal and fun.  

Memorabilia Collection
Playing on the archetypes of some figures that, in their simpleness, become decorations; a punk skull, little paper boats, a robot, interstellar rockets and a crown, are destined to transport us back to childhood. 

Robot / White
For that special man or boy in your life, this porcelain robot makes a stylish addition to any room in the home or office. Position atop a select few coffee table books on a sideboard, bookshelf or bedside table, this unexpected decoration will be right at home in a character or contempory home. 

Design: Selab + Alessandro Zambelli

Material: Fine Porcelain

Size: Width 12.4cm, Height 30cm

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