Parfums de la Bastide / Liquid Soap / Lavande & Vanilla


Parfums de la Bastide
Where tradition methods meet contemporary style, Parfums de la Bastide prides itself on producing artisanal perfumes, home fragrances and liquid soaps that celebrate nature's bounty. Collaborating with the local artisans of Provence and manufacturing in small quantities, Parfums de la Bastide collections are preservative free, dye free, and UV-filter free, and their traditional manufacturing processes that use simple and natural formulas respect the environment.

Liquid Soap / Lavande & Vanilla
Lavande & Vanilla is a scent that contains many aromatic notes designed to calm and sooth.

Main Notes
Lavender of Sault, lavandin, rosemary, wormwood, cistus, chamomile, patchouli, vanilla, and musk

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