Gas Bijoux / French Perfume / Sable d' Ambre


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Gas Bijoux / Sable d’ Ambre

Intense, “Sable d’Ambre” captivates from its first notes, like a warm and voluptuous immersion. It evokes the souvenir of a sunset, a beach with ocher and amber shades. The end of a sunny day spent on the sand, moving towards the beginning of a sensual night. Its sweet and spicy head notes mingle upon an oriental background. An intense and warm amber scent reveals itself, enhancing the sensual facet of the fragrance. A vanilla base adds comfort and tenderness while prolonging the aroma of this seductive perfume. 

Notes - Bergamot, Cypress, Orange blossom flower, Cumin, Amber, Sandalwood, Cashmere Wood, Tobacco, Vetiver 


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