Gas Bijoux / French Perfume / Ensoille Moi


Gas Bijoux / Ensoille Moi

Voluptuous and refined, the “Ensoleille moi” fragrance incarnates summer. It is the embodiment of warm sand, the trace of a sensual poem, an ode to a blue sky, the immediate sensation of faraway destinations. “Ensoleille moi” is an elegant Monoi. More, a real treasure. Its head notes associate a tiare absolute and the freshness of bergamot. At its core, notes of ylang-ylang and coconut diffuse themselves, gracefully set on a smooth vanilla and white musk base. This fragrance reminds us how summer can imbue every season. 

Notes - Bergamot, Tiare absolute, Ylang-Ylang, Coconut, Vanilla, Musc 


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