Blunt x Karen Walker / Metro Umbrella


Here to revolutionalise the umbrella as we know it, Kiwi engineer Greig Brebner married engineering innovation with no-fuss design styling to create something that exceeded even his expectations: a ridiculously strong umbrella that can handle seriously wild weather.

Blunt x Karen Walker / Metro Umbrella

Introducing the latest limited edition BLUNT x Karen Walker Metro umbrella, with the KW monogram print in its newly deconstructed and reconstructed form.

The Karen Walker monogram print cleverly combines the KW monogram with the brand’s signature arrow, resulting in a mashup that suggests kaleidoscopes, children’s building blocks and Monopoly houses. The print’s playful and grounded, chaotic yet structured, deconstructed yet concise.

This collaboration is available on the collapsible Metro model and comes with a matching sleeve.


Dimensions: 100cm open diameter, 37.5cm closed length, 385grams

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