Blunt x Flox 2023 / Classic Umbrella


Blunt x Flox / Classic Umbrella

Created as part of the Neo Tropica 2023 collection, the limited edition BluntTM x FLOX is reminiscent of a luscious rainforest canopy. Two fruit doves nestle themselves amongst a refreshing palette of tropical flora and rich greenery. 

Established in 2003, FLOX’s trademark birds and botanicals are a celebration of the natural world. Using stencil and spray paint to produce her bold and expressive depictions, the brand quickly became synonymous with an aesthetic recognisable by most today.

Blunt Classic

Perfect for those that appreciate the style and experience of good design, the Classic is the original full-sized, full-length, and fully tensioned high-performance umbrella. 

Classic - 120cm diameter

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