Blunt / Metro Umbrella / Karen Walker Polka Dots


Here to revolutionalise the umbrella as we know it, Kiwi engineer Greig Brebner married engineering innovation with no-fuss design styling to create something that exceeded even his expectations: a ridiculously strong umbrella that can handle seriously wild weather.

Metro Umbrella / Karen Walker Polka Dots

Introducing the Blunt x Karen Walker 2022 collaboration. A fun yellow polka dot print, sure to make rainy days all the more cheerful. A perfect option for Mother's Day gifting. 

Full-sized, full-length and fully tensioned, Blunt Classic is Blunt's original high-performance umbrella. Featuring the patented Blunt Tips and easy-grip handle, the coverage you get from the Classic makes it the must-have companion for day-long downpours.

Size: Metro - 100cm diameter

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