Baobab Candle / Les Prestigeuses / Pierre de Lune


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Baobab Collection
Inspired by the baobab in the African Savannah and designed in Belgium, each luxury Baobab candle is handcrafted and hand-poured in Europe using the finest mineral wax from Germany, hand-blown glass from Poland and heavenly scents created in the French Riviera.

Les Prestigeuses / Prestigious
The Les Prestigieuses collection is a celebration of precious materials. Inspired by various mythical and legendary materials such as Russian leather, Chinese ink and Indian moonstone, these candles symbolize unique craftsmanship and will transport you to exotic and mysterious destinations.

Pierre de Lune / Prestigious Moonstone
The moonstone is known for its mesmerizing interaction with light. For centuries, many thought it showcased different phases of the lunar cycle. In India, the moonstone is seen as the “stone of dreams” bringing incredible visions to those who possess it.

Through subtle associations of mint and verbena, Pierre de Lune’s floral scent is a portal into a peaceful
and dreamlike world.

Burn Times
Small - 60 hours
Medium - 150 hours
Large - 400 hours


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