Baobab Candle / All Seasons / Dark Rhino / Sandalwood & Vetiver


Baobab Collection 
Inspired by the baobab in the African Savannah and designed in Belgium, each luxury Baobab candle is handcrafted and hand-poured in Europe using the finest mineral wax from Germany, hand-blown glass from Poland and heavenly scents created in the French Riviera. 

All Seasons Collection/ Dark Rhino 
The Dark Rhino scented candle, with its dark grey wax, references the animal from which it draws its name. With its classic color scheme, it is the ideal addition to any space, traditional or contemporary.

Sandalwood and Vetiver converge in a scent that takes you to the depths of the African Savannah, where fauna and flora live in perfect harmony.

Burn Times
Small - 60 hours
Medium - 150 hours
Large - 400 hours


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