Ach Brito / Shaving Kit


Resurecting some of the company's oldest advertising, Ach Brito launched the Stick Creme gift boxes, comprising  one of the oldest lines in the Ach Brito portfolio. These products have been on the market consistantly for more than 80 years, are ideal for daily use.

This beautiful box set offers a duo of two of the most iconic products; the Lavender Eau de Cologne and Lavender Shaving Cream.

The Lavender Shaving Cream is formulated with a coconut oil base, enriched with lanolin and oat extract. This combination of natural ingredients nourishes the skin, while the soothing lavender scent makes for a relaxing shave. 

The iconic Arch Brito Lavender Eau de Cologne has a fresh and revitalizing aroma that finishes the perfect shave.

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